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We're Bigger Than We Look! Hope you're enjoying the tour.
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Breezy Acres Country Shoppe presents Breezy Acres Country Lights. Highly scented decorative candles made right in our shoppe. They are available in a wide variety of scents and sizes. Our specialty candles are the Teacup candles which are made to order.
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Our Amish jams, jellies,& relishes are from Lancaster,Pa. and available by the jar or in gift baskets or gift boxes.
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Santa pays us a visit every year. You see him showing off one of our saddles from our tack room. Tack includes saddles, bridles, halters, coolers, blankets, saddlepads, shampoos and more.
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We carry a nice line of outdoor furniture made by the Amish also. This set is made of oak and great for a porch.
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The Poplar furniture shown here is also Amish made and a great all around outdoor furniture.
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